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Nonosweeping biography (2004-2021) of Stephan Bechtel

Everything began with an e-mail I got from Yariv Hastilow, the famous creator of Nonosweeper, on October 10, 2004. He mentioned his new game and asked me for testing it.

I was used to testing every minesweeper software newly advertised via e-mail or in any minesweeper guestbook. But this time, I didn't only test, but got quickly addicted to the idea of the game. And as Yariv hit exactly the time where I had to stop my career in original minesweeper due to my mouse being out of order, I could fully concentrate on improving my nonosweeper times!

So, I was probably one of the first minesweepers who started to play nonosweeper which gave me the possibility to set a few World Records until the game became more popular. I remember a mail to Yariv, where I told him that 25 in intermediate and 90 in expert will be final limits that won't be crossed. I was REALLY wrong...

Until 2021, I played regularly: I'm still within the Top 10 of nearly every ranking, and since Yariv has been building up the tournaments, each week is full of new competition, so, the chance of myself retiring isn't that large at the moment, although I have already lost my last unique world record because of the great performances of Luca Vezzoni, Roland Seibt, hexx, Gero Wälz, Maruda, EWQMinesweeper, Lutz, and others.

At the end of 2021, I finally retired as the game took too much time (and many former competitors had stepped down earlier). It was a great journey with some personal meetings in Munich and Vienna, tough tournaments throughout many years and finally nearly 18 years of active playing.

To everyone who hasn't tried: Check out! And to everyone who is already listed in the rankings: Happy (nono)sweeping! (quoted from Lance Votroubek)